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May 23, 2009

A Journey of Faith

Originally slated to open its doors in June 2008, the development of DJ's Taste of the 50's restaurant transpired into more than just a business venture for owners, Gerald & DJ Kling, it became a journey of faith.

Many factors played a part in delaying the opening date of DJ's Taste of the 50's by more than six months. From design changes and code compliance to inclement weather and excavation surprises, delays came to be expected. At one point the excavator started to dig, only to find the ground moving about four feet away from where the bulldozer first placed its scoop. After chipping away at rock for what seemed like forever, a 4-ton boulder was lifted out of the drive. It took all the power that Caterpillar tractor could muster to move the massive boulder out of the ground and drop it in its new home at the rear of the site.

Prayer Rock
Besides causing quite a headache, this rock added extra cost and time to the construction process, yet it illustrated an important truth to Gerald & DJ. "Every time we see it," explains DJ Kling, "we can't help but say, 'Thank you, God, for Your great faithfulness!'"

The boulder, which now makes its home nestled under a few trees behind the restaurant, serves as a physical reminder of the many unexpected delays to the opening of the restaurant. "Each hindrance helped to strengthen our daily faith and dependence on God," shares DJ. Today the rock stands as a Prayer Perch for anyone who needs to step back from the daily grind, spend a few moments in prayer, and be reminded of how Great a God we serve. In acknowledgment of God's great faithfulness, 25 cents from each cup of coffee purchased at DJ's Taste of the 50's will be donated to venues where Christ is proclaimed as Savior and King.

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